Solutions for Accelerating Social Change

Knowledgeable. Resourceful. Dedicated. Connected. Passionate.

More than just buzzwords, these are the essence of Nikki Daruwala — a dynamic nonprofit consultant who brings exceptional leadership and operational skills coupled with an unwavering commitment to excellence to every organization with which she works.

Nikki’s venture, NDpoint Strategies, specializes in strategic planning and program development for nonprofits, foundations, government agencies and socially responsible organizations. NDpoint Strategies will support your organization wherever it needs assistance: seeking a sharper focus, implementing and evaluating programs or fulfilling short-term management demands.

Nikki has worked in the trenches, so she understands both the high-level planning and tactical, operational requirements of designing an impactful program or running an entire business unit. With our unique cross-disciplinary perspective, NDpoint Strategies provides organizations with a single resource for program design and implementation, as well as day-to-day management support.